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Dubb- Humble Beginnings

The rapper “DUBB” is another one of the “greats” coming out of South Central in LA. DUBB’s real name is Quincey White and he was born on the 21st of April in 1987. The rapper prefers to reflect on the issues of his peers, community, the violence he’s had to grow up with and problems with the police. It’s not aggressive or cynical; it’s more like stating the facts, telling the story. Worldly issues also have a great impact on DUBB. He wants his music to connect and speak to people. He’s a social activist rapper and his words speak of the need for change. DUBB is an acronym for “Determined Unique Beyond Belief.” But he is well known for his sincerity and humble nature. When he was just new to the rap scene, him and his music were considered to be a “fresh” sound and many older experienced rappers have kept their eye on him ever since. There is no doubt of his passion when he rhymes. He’s been influenced and he is influential. This prolific rap artist has been featured on over a hundred mixed tapes and dropped several of his own featuring many well-known rappers. I believe there is so much more to come. DUBB has incredible work ethic and has for the most part been able to keep his head on straight.

Dubb rapperWith all the drugs, violence and gangs that surrounded him in his youth, he knew he wanted more.

DUBB was said to be affiliated with the Athen’s Park Blood Gang, a sub-set of the Bloods Gang. I don’t think many in his environment feel they have a choice. The gang provides the much needed protection from all of the other street gangs. The youth also get that sense of belonging that is often missing in their father-less families where mom has to work long and hard for the financial support. But music and basketball kept him centered and focused. And it wasn’t long before his love of rap shoved him in other directions.

DUBB worships fellow rapper Eminem and would just love to cut some tracks with him. But, if that’s out of the question he’ll be content just to sit and talk. He started listening and being influenced by him in middle school. People from all walks of life can relate to “Slim Shady’s” rhymes and beats, DUBB concludes. DUBB doesn’t want to be boxed into a certain style with his music. He wants to do it all from the East Coast to the West. He was also highly influenced by rapper TuPac, but we all know how that turned out.

DUBB really has no aspirations of rapping and living the life of gold chains and fancy cars. Believe it or not he used to install hardwood floors when he was a teenager. He just wants to be who he is and for people to know the “Quincey” he was before he became “DUBB.” He wants to tell it like it is from his own perspective. He considers himself an independent artist just trying to build his own following. I’d say DUBB has important things to say, and I for one, am only too eager to listen!





LucyV hip hop album review

Yo peeLucyVps! My boy turned me on to this up and coming rapper from Detroit.  I was pleasantly surprised that this girl could actually flow.  My boy has some strange taste in music so I was doubtful about her being any good.  Her album is more of an EP and includes 8 tracks.  I am not saying that the entire album is a masterpiece but I did find a few tracks that I could get down with.  The entire album was recorded on a low budget so the sound quality is somewhat lacking but the quality was definitely better than I was expecting it to be.  LucyV had a few guest rappers and they were alright I guess, but I think that finding a few more quality people to add to her crew could really bring quite a bit to some of her songs.   I enjoyed the entirety of a few specific songs and I think the reason I could not get down with some of the other songs was because of the lack of a good hook, it was like all the verses had a good flow but the hook was a let down. It was just a bit of a let down in that way.  Another problem with some of the songs was the repetition of the hook that only comprised of a few different words which makes the hook even less appealing.   I know repetition kind of comes with the territory but when you have one line that is only changed by one word when it is repeated it can get really old really quick.  Overall I would say LucyV has a decent amount of talent and in the hands of the right producer I think she could really shine, she does the best that she can with the resources that she has and I think the results of that are her current album.  She does have a Soundcloud if you want to check her out.  I really got down with the track “Bitch I’m Bad”. Let me know what you think of her.


Holla at ya boy!

Yo yo yo! Just wanted to send a shout out the world wide web from Dubb central.  This will be the go-to addy for all things rap.  Just stopping by real quick to let you all know that I will be posting a bunch of bad ass posts about all of my favorite rappers.  Not really sure how to run a blog since this is my first one but either way it should be pretty cool.  Hoping we can get lots of comments going on these posts.  Let me know what you think about em, be that in the comment section or shoutin out on my inbox me page.