Lil Wayne

Now that we have that out of the way…. In New Orleans, Louisiana on the 27th of September in the year 1982, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is born. He grew up in poverty in the Hollygrove neighborhood after his parents divorced when he was just two. His father permanently abandoned the family and Dwayne considers his stepfather to be his real dad. Dwayne was smart and enrolled in the gifted program in elementary school. He wrote his first rap song at the age of eight. At 12 he accidentally shot himself in the chest with his mother’s hand gun. An off- duty police officer drove him to the hospital and probably saved his life. He dropped out of school at the ripe old age of 14. At 16, Lil Wayne, as he is currently known, is a star. He dropped the “D” in his name because he was a junior. His father had never been in his life and he was still alive so he wanted to be a “Wayne”, not a “Dwayne”. Sadly, he was close to his stepfather but he was murdered before he ever got to see Dwayne become Lil Wayne and his rise to stardom. Since meeting the owner of a record company who then took Lil Wayne under his wing, he has continually recorded and released his own albums, collaborated with other rap music stars and performed cameos on their albums and they on his. He and his rap style music have won numerous awards, he holds countless music records and in 2008 he became the first hip-hop act to perform at the Country Music Association Awards. Lil Wayne is not without controversy though. There are weapon charges, drug charges, and a stint in jail and a little lapse in judgement when he sold crack. The loaded gun wasn’t on him, it was on his tour bus. No one fesses up, your bus and it’s your charge. Just like the rap superstar “Drake” before him, Lil Wayne had fallen victim to the rash of recent celebrity death hoaxes. And, once again noticed on a Facebook page, he was supposed to have died on March 13, 2016. Millions of fans left “likes” and comments on the page. Those who were skeptical of this report realized that a star as popular as Lil Wayne would surely have his death reported by the major television networks. Not to mention they had just been taken in by Drake’s false death report. The rappers reps officially reported he was “alive and well” the next day. Although this angered a great many of his fans, they understand this is a result of his immense stardom and popularity. No one thinks this is funny and someone certainly has an irrepressibly sick sense of humor. Most recently, Lil Wayne was featured in three separate television ads by Samsung. This is only the second time the entertainer has appeared in ad campaigns; the first was for that debuted during the Super Bowl. He said he had fun and was extremely humbled by the opportunity. He desires to do more ads so he said he did his best and hopes other companies will want to use him. Early in March of 2016, Lil Wayne was all strapped in his seat on a privately chartered plane, when he told the pilots to wait, he had to get off. Lil Wayne noticed a military plane arriving and about 30 soldiers were walking into the lobby. He went and shook each and every one of their hands and did numerous photo ops just to say thanks for their service. There were no press people around and no reason to show off or garner any publicity. He did this simply because he wanted to show his appreciation to these 30 service men for defending his freedom. Wow. In my book, that’s a great man with a great heart.

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